Statement of processing of personal data

You only agree to the processing of personal information needed to process your order under the Privacy Statement. Processing of personal data BUGGYRA ORGANISATION Emirates Towers Sheikh Zayed Road P.O.BOX 31303 Dubai - UAE, is very respectful of your trust and puts great emphasis on the protection of your data, incl. personal data, when processed. BUGGYRA ORGANISATION it processes all personal data exclusively in accordance with the laws governing the protection of personal data. The purpose of this statement is to inform you about the processing of personal data that occurs in connection with the visit of BUGGYRA ORGANISATION as well as some other cases of personal data processing, when the activities of BUGGYRA ORGANISATION personal data of other people (such as shoppers, journalists, etc.) are processed.

1) Processing of log files
a) In the process of accessing the website, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION protocol files to access this website to protect their rights and legitimate interests. The log files are processed without the consent of the visitor to the website. The log files are kept for 1 month after visiting the relevant website. The processing of these log files will be performed by BUGGYRA ORGANISATION by himself, or by a third person.
b) Processed by BUGGYRA ORGANISATION the following information that may (but may not) include visitor personal information:
(1) the website from which the visitor visited the site;
(2) IP address;
(3) date of access and access time;
(4) client inquiry;
(5) http reply code;
(6) the transmitted data sets;
(7) an indication of the browser and operating system of the computer from which the visitor visited the website.
2) Processing of personal information for sending a newsletter
a) If the visitor is interested in sending a newsletter and other promotional messages, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION for such purposes, to process the personal data of such a visitor, subject to consent, at least to the extent of the email address. If provided by BUGGYRA ORGANISATION the visitor also identifies his identification data (title, name, surname, telephone) by the BUGGYRA ORGANISATION for these purposes, the same data. Content of the newsletter and other promotional messages may be personalized based on the information provided and other data personalization content that BUGGYRA ORGANISATION finds out the visitor's behavior on the website or newsletter.
b) Visitor's Personal Information BUGGYRA ORGANISATION will only begin processing after the visitor has granted a voluntary consent to receive a newsletter and other advertising messages using the registration form, and then accepts a subscription to the instructions in the email inbox. If the subscription is not confirmed from the registered e-mail address, the entered data will be discarded without undue delay.
c) The provided personal data are processed for a period of 10 years or until the revocation of the granted consent. The processing of your personal data will be performed by BUGGYRA ORGANISATION by himself or by a third person.
d) The consent to this processing of personal data is entirely voluntary and may be revoked at any time by sending a notice of withdrawal of consent in writing to the registered address of BUGGYRA ORGANISATION (see above). You can also revoke your consent by clicking the "Unsubscribe Newsletter" link in the newsletter or advertisement. Without giving consent, no commercial communications to BUGGYRA ORGANISATION possible.
3) Processing of personal data in connection with the purchase of goods in the e-shop
a) In the case of the purchase of goods on the above websites, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION to process the customer's personal data, including the name, surname, e-mail address, telephone contact and address for delivery of the goods, if the goods are to be delivered to the address specified in the order.
b) The processing of the above-mentioned personal data will be made by BUGGYRA ORGANISATION for the purpose of implementing the concluded purchase contract, the delivery of the ordered goods, in the case of the purchase of electrical equipment, also in order to fulfill the obligations arising from the valid and effective legal provisions relating to the take-back of used electrical household appliances and, last but not least, in order to protect their rights.
c) BUGGYRA ORGANISATION the above personal data will be processed by the customer for 5 years from the conclusion of the relevant purchase contract.
d) BUGGYRA ORGANISATION he / she will process the processing of personal data of customers by himself / herself or, to this end, commission a third person in accordance with the Act. In the event that the ordered goods are delivered at the customer's request to the address given in the order, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION Customer's personal data (including: name, surname, telephone contact, e-mail address, and delivery address) to the applicable carrier.
e) If you consent to the transfer of personal data for the purpose of evaluating the purchase, we will forward the order information together with your mailing list to It can then be used to gain an independent evaluation of our products and services. The transferred personal data will only be held for the time necessary for such use.
4) Processing of personal data in connection with the handling of complaints, inquiries and complaints
a) BUGGYRA ORGANISATION he very much respects his customers and therefore runs customer support. Through this customer support, customers and other individuals can join BUGGYRA ORGANISATION to address their inquiries and requests, whether by telephone, e-mail or mail delivered by the postal service provider.
b) To answer questions and deal with requests addressed to BUGGYRA ORGANISATION BUGGYRA ORGANISATION process personal data provided by the person who made the query or request. The provided personal data will be BUGGYRA ORGANISATION to process only in the necessary (provided) scope and only until the query or request is processed, unless the need to process personal data for another purpose (for example, to protect the rights and the rights of the protected interests of BUGGYRA ORGANISATION). This personal data is provided to BUGGYRA ORGANISATION voluntarily, as without their knowledge, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION was unable to handle a query or request, and is therefore a non-poll processing.
c) If Customer Support (by telephone, e-mail, mail) of BUGGYRA ORGANISATION the claim of the product, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION also process personal data for the purpose of resolving such claim. The legal basis for this processing of personal data is the fulfillment of the contractual and statutory obligations of BUGGYRA ORGANISATION, and therefore the processing of personal data that does not require the consent of the person claiming the claim. In connection with the handling of complaints, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION personal data furthermore for the purpose of protecting his or her rights and the rights of interest protected in the event of a possible dispute arising out of the claim. Neither visitor's consent is required in this case. The time, scope, and other aspects of processing your personal information for the purpose of processing a claim are based on the obligation of BUGGYRA ORGANISATION complaint.
d) The processing of the provided personal data will be performed by BUGGYRA ORGANISATION alone. If appropriate or necessary, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION is entitled to pass on processed personal data to its suppliers and manufacturers for processing and processing a query, claim, or claim.
5) Using Cookies and Website Analysis
a) In order to improve the performance of its website, evaluate its attendance and optimize its marketing activities, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION on your website cookie files. Cookie files are small text files that are stored through the browser locally on the computer with which the web page is displayed.
b) Cookies do not serve and do not allow personal identification of website users. A list of all cookies filed by BUGGYRA ORGANISATION collects on its website:
(1) Permanent login - serves for permanent customer login. Cookies are kept for one month or until logout.
c) If a visitor to a website does not agree to collecting a cookie, it may prevent them from collecting by changing their browser settings in the following way:
Browser: Explorer 7, 8, 9 Firefox 4.0 Another browser
Disabling Cookies:
1. Select "Internet Options" in the "Tools" menu.
1. In the main menu, click "Firefox" and then click "Options".
For instructions on how to disable and remove cookies, see the relevant browser's help, contact the browser manufacturer.
2. Now click the "Privacy" tab.
2. Select the "Privacy"
3. To block all cookies, slide the slider up in the setting frame.
3. In the Cookies section, deactivate the option "Allow servers to set cookies"
4. Confirm your "OK" setting.
4. Confirm your settings
Delete Cookies:
1. Select the "Security" option in the tool menu, then click on "Delete browsing history"
1. In the main menu, click "Firefox" and then the arrow next to the "History" menu.
2. Select the check box "Cookies"
2. Select "Clear recent history"
3. Click the "Delete"
3. Select "All" in the "Delete timeout"
4. Click the "Details" arrow to click on the details. O Check the "Cookies" field and press the Delete button
Google Analytics and Google Adwords
a) The BUGGYRA ORGANISATION is used to analyze web pages using cookies. Google Analytics, developed and operated by Google Inc., located at Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google").
b) Analysis using Google Analytics is done by passing information about using a website created through collected file cookies to a US server in the US and analyzing it there. As a result of the anonymization of IP addresses, which is on the BUGGYRA ORGANISATION set up before Google transfers to Google on US by Google to shorten the IP address in one of the EU Member States or the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to Google's US server and abridged (anonymized) there.
c) Google will not be transferred data, incl. shortened IP addresses, link to other data. The Google Privacy Statement is here.
d) You can prevent a webmaster from collecting a file cookie and analyzing it through Google Analytics, either by changing the browser settings as above, or by clicking on the following link to place an opt-out cookie on your computer prevents the future storing of site visit data;
e) Using Google Analytics, BUGGYRA ORGANISATION and related advertising features provided by Google, such as Google Display Network display reports, enhanced reporting of anonymous demographic data (e.g., age, gender, interests), or displaying ads on the content network based on remarketing products, Google AdWords for personalizing your ad and improving ad targeting and remarketing. This allows visitors to their web sites to offer promotional content that is as exciting as possible.
f) Advertising can be customized by a visitor to BUGGYRA ORGANISATION turn off or edit through your Google Account using the link available here.
6) Other rights related to the protection of personal data
a) If BUGGYRA ORGANISATION will process the personal data of visitors to websites, customer line customers, customers or other persons in accordance with this statement, it belongs to each of them:
(1) the right to information on the processing of his or her personal data,
2) the right of access to his or her personal data that BUGGYRA ORGANISATION processes,
3) the right to repair his or her personal data that BUGGYRA ORGANISATION handles, if the processed data are not correct,
4) and other rights, in particular the right to request explanations in connection with the processing of your personal data, as well as the right to require BUGGYRA ORGANISATION has made the appropriate correction or completion of the person's personal data (including any possible blocking or deletion of their personal data).
b) With your personal data processing questions from BUGGYRA ORGANISATION or if the above rights are exercised, the persons concerned may contact BUGGYRA ORGANISATION by any means.