3. 4. 2020

How to start racing with us

The series takes place in the Live For Speed (www.lfs.net) online simulator, run on the PC platform. It’s a very realistic simulation and you don’t need to have a high performance PC to run this software.

You will however need a LFS licence. If you don’t already have one, a good starting point is https://www.lfs.net/register

Buy the S3 Licence, if you want to participate in all races.

Download the software from https://www.lfs.net/downloads , install it and unlock by the GAME password set in registration on the LFS website.

Register on our website - http://buggyra301.games by filling out the registration form completely or fill out all necessary fields later in your profile. Most important is your LFS Username (the one you registered with on LFS website), this must be set!. Please make sure that this is entered correctly! If it would be wrong, you will not get the message with the name of the server and password to use for the race! These messages will be sent to the LFS page https://www.lfs.net/account/messages

Before each race, do some hotlaps in hotlap mode in the game

How to do hotlap? Continue here

Or join the online action directly on the "Buggyra 301 Games" server!

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